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   Pancha Bhoota Healing Yoga

The whole idea of yoga is not merely to loose calories, to be slim and look young; it is also to help in the mind body connection. When these exercises are practiced your mind becomes aware of all the parts of your body. When you stretch and pull your body parts you feel every muscle and tissue of the body. Your mind focuses on all the parts. This brings the attention of the body to the mind which otherwise would not happen. The slight pain you feel when you stretch in a yogic posture is the signal that the mind has connected with and feels the body part. Thus, yogic exercises establish a mind body connection, which is important for preventing any malfunctioning of the body. 


We have adapted yoga methodology from several great masters.

Five parts Yoga

1. Yoga for the Earth Element or Legs

2.  Yoga for the Water Element or Hands

 3. Yoga for the Fire Element or Abdomen and Heart

 4. Yoga for the Air Element or Chest and Neck  

 5. Yoga for the Space Element or Head


            This yoga includes body movements which help in the flow of vital energy, self-acupressure, self-massage and bio feedback therapy, foot reflexology, relaxation and meditation. This is sufficient for healing any disease or for maintaining general health. These simplified exercises can be done either in the morning or in the evening. We recommend that you practice this yoga for at least 15 to 30 minutes daily.

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