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    Surya Namaskar  -2      




Procedure : Raising the arms up, stretch whole of your body backward while gazing the sky with open eyes. Ben backward as mush as possible, expand your chest at the same time.

BENEFITS : Both the shoulders and the food pipe (Esophagus) get exercise and diseases related to them are corrected. Eyesight is also improved.


Procedure : Inhaling the breath through nostrils retain it and bend forward without folding the knees. Ultimately rest both of your palms on the ground and touch your knees with your forehead or the nose and exhale the breath that you held so far with audible sound. If, in the beginning you are unable to rest your palms on the unable to rest your palms on the ground, simply touch the ground with finger and practice slowly.

BENEFITS : Disorders of the belly and digestive system are corrected. The chest grows strong, hands too become stronger and your become well balanced, beautiful and good looking. Disease of the feet, fingers are also corrected and weakness and fatigue is removed.


Procedure : Inhale the breath through nostrils and pull your right leg backward in such a way that the knee and the fingers of the foot touch the ground. Push forward your left leg pressing the abdomen (belly) hard. Then raising your head as high as possible, look upward. Push down the waist and hold the breath and stay in the posture as long as you can.

BENEFITS : The posture stresses the small intestine as well as the seminal vesicles and these are stretched. Thus this posture helps in correcting the constipation and diseases of the liver. Thinness of the semen is also corrected. Diseases of the Throat are also corrected.


Procedure : Inhale the breath deeply and hold it and pull both of your legs backward, so that the thumbs of the feet, ankles and knees touch each other. Stabilizing the feet and keeping the head, waist, the back and the elbows in a line bend forward and resting both the palms on the ground keep your body like a bow.

BENEFITS : One get relief from the pains specially of arms, legs and the knees, Bulging waist is trimmed and slimmed this posture is like a panacea for the abdominal disorders.  


Procedure : Holding the breath, rest both of your knees on the ground. Touch the ground with your chest and touch the lower part of the neck with chin. Also touch the ground with the upper part of the forehead and the nose. Please note that the abdomen should not touch the ground. It should be pulled in. Exhale the breath now, Both the hands (palms) must be kept on the sides of the chest (Fig.)

BENEFITS :This posture makes the arms strong. If ladies perform this Asana before getting pregnant, the breast fed babies could be saved from the attacks of many diseases.


Procedure : Keeping the legs, palms and knees in Ashtanga prampatasana position, unfolding the arms rise up simultaneously inhaling the breath, push the chest out and bend the waist in circle and backward. Look as much up as possible and exhale the breath.

BENEFITS : Removing the dullness invigorates the body and makes the eyes glowing. Correct all kinds of disorders related to male and female reproductive systems, corrects the irregularities in females menstrual cycles. Blood circulation is also corrected thereby increasing the glow on the face.


Repeat the process of Bhudharasana as described in the step six (6)


Procedure : Repeat the process of the fifth Namaskara as described in the step five (5) just reverse the position of the legs.


Repeat the process described in the fourth Namskara, step four (4).


Procedure :Standing in the position described in step two repeat the second Surya Namaskara. Thus performing all the postures for Surya Namaskara, each and every parts of the body gets ample exercise whereas the religious significance is also fully met with.

For Pictures in Tamil, please  Click here  and

For pictures in Malayalam please Click here for part 1 and for Part 2 in Malayalam please Click here. These two versions are in PDF format.

  Click here  to read  details of the rituals (Mantras for chanting) from the URDAY web site. The source of the above exercise description is also from

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