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  Four Personalities

       Three modes create four different personalities based on a lifestyle of food habits.

1. A person who gives primary importance to the health aspect of  food and only secondary importance to his personal likes and dislikes and least importance to the  inconvenience of making the food is the first personality. For him thought (Satva) is important, followed by the action mode of taste (Rajas) and then, last, comes the (inconvenience of making the food (Tamas). This person ofSatva-Rajas-Tamas  is known as a Brahmin. He always enquires about or analyses the food he eats and attributes to the purpose of food as to provide holistic nourishment to the body. This type of person will eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts which will nourish his body and avoid refined products which caters to the taste of the tongue. So any fresh, unrefined holistic food prepared and eaten with the understanding (knowledge) of nourishment is  Satvic food.

2. The second personality type is a Rajas-Satva-Tamas type who gives primary importance to taste and only secondary importance to health and third to the (inconvenience of preparation. He is a Kshatriya, one who gives action to his tongue and power to sensory organs. Foods that are spicy, salty using fresh produce and non-vegetarian foods are Rajasic foods.

3. The third personality is a  Rajas-Tamas-Satva,  who is concerned about tasty food but prepared conveniently without paying much attention to healthy thoughts. This person is a Vaishya. Foods that are prepared spicy, salty, oily but prepared using foods that are  precut, frozen and micro waved. Here, taste and convenience of food preparation is the main consideration.

4. Tamas-Rajas-Satva. This personality is so lazy that he prefers to compromise even taste for laziness. Such a person is a Shudra. Pre-cooked foods, micro waved and left over foods are Tamasic in nature. There are a few  who cook one recipe in a large quantity for a month and divide it into  30 zip-lock bags and deep freeze it. They eat one packet daily and do not mind such routine, tasteless food. They care neither about taste nor think about health.

Why Different Personalities?

       This classification of personalities is not intended to discriminate or criticize anyone. It is necessary for our own self awareness. We learn to identify our own personality and can learn to change it if we so wish. Our objective is to bring peace. This is possible only if we try to reduce mental agitations. This, in turn, can be obtained only through discipline in life. Since food is one of the most important factors in life, the type of food we eat becomes important to achieve our objective. Food abuse or overeating is something that becomes difficult to control in general. Why? Because it involves four senses.

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