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Non-Vegetarian Diet

          Whether a non-vegetarian diet is good or bad is a most frequently asked question and the most debated topic in forums about diet. Since a lot of information is available on the benefits of being a vegetarian, we are  only highlighting them. We will discuss these with relation to our mind.

1. A vegetarian diet is healthier than a meat based one.

2. More energy and earth resources are needed to grow meat (animals) than plants foods.

3. Animals have a higher mind development and so exhibit much fear when approached for killing.

Mind and Non-Vegetarian Food

         The mind is restless by nature and this is further intensified by eating non-vegetarian food. The mind and intellect of plants is less developed than of animals and so the agitations of the mind are much less in plants. Mental agitations are expressed as chemicals in the form of stress hormones which are seen in a higher degree in animals and very less in plants. Since we are interested in decreasing mental agitations for health reasons, spiritual development and finally peace of mind, eating plant based foods helps us in our pursuit more than meat foods.

          Often our sense of taste is addicted to food and we lose control over our mind. Consuming meat further intensifies this addiction. You can experiment how, by switching over to plant based foods, you gain  better control over your senses and mind. It has to be very clear that just vegetarian food alone cannot bring mind control,  but the point is that it facilitates it strengthening the intellect and pulls the mind towards it and away from the senses.

         This is why in most spiritual traditions, vegetarian food is recommended. More than health, ethical and economical reasons, the most important aspect is that vegetarian food helps in strengthening the control over the restless mind. (Read about five reasons not to eat meat)

Different foods require different amounts of energy to produce. Meat is four times as demanding as grains are. If consumers would gravitate toward less intensive foods, energy use would drop. Reducing the enormous amount of food that is wasted would save energy as well. Check out the data and commentary below, expanding on "More Food, Less Energy" in the January 2012 issue of Scientific American

Hidden animal products in many foods

Specific brands with animal products

Fish oils in many veg foods- Beaware

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